• Its a great place to go play poker. Everyone is nice they are always asking if I need anything. I thought it was going to be uncomfortable but it has been fun for me even just watching. The players make it exciting its so much better than watching it on T.V. If you are looking for something different to do with your better half I recommend you try it. All the dealers are so friendly not at all like the grouches you see on T.V.

  • Worked the poker rooms in San Diego and Midland. HOK is by far the best from all.

  • Great card room the action is unbelievable. I've played all over USA and this is the best 1/2 game I ever played in. The game plays more like a 2/5 game and a lot of times like a 5/10. We had 2 thousand dollar pots back to back tonight. The only negative it is a time rake because of Texas law.

  • A lot of short people! But the chips stand tall!! Great service

  • Perfect atmosphere to enjoy a good game of cards. Management is very polite and dealers are very professional. I had the opportunity to work there and I have no complaints about it. I have been a card dealer for 20 years and I can honestly say one of the most honest poker games ran in El Paso.

  • This is a fine establishment to play the greatest card game known to man, and the owner has paid great attention to detail to ensure your experience is top notch!

  • I had a blast!!! Everyone is so nice and accommodating. I will definitely be back!!!

  • Great bunch of people. I had a great time just as if I was in a home game. There was a lot of action on our table.